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A home with outdated siding could be ruining the curb appeal of your home, affecting the value of your property, and making you spend a lot more on heating and cooling. You will enjoy the benefits of installing siding with our company.

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At Bedford Siding our siding contractors are licensed, certified, and have proven results in the Bedford area. From wood to fiber cement siding and vinyl siding, we provide siding solutions tailored to your needs, and we never say no to you.

The homeowner wants more information than ever before and wants better warranties than ever before. Providing some of the most competitive warranties in the area, we ensure that we make the entire process as simple and enjoyable as possible for you. We can offer you a 50-year lifetime warranty on the materials used in your home since we hold the official status of a national contractor. With a warranty that goes into effect after the installation of your device, you are covered for the life of your device. It’s a superior product backed by a superior warranty and a superior level of service.


There have been a number of occurrences of high winds and hail in the Bedford area, and we have also endured excessive extremes of heat and humidity. A rainstorm can cause considerable damage to your roof, which then progressively deteriorates with age. Trust us for help if you discover a leak. Getting to the bottom of roof problems as soon as possible is important! Failure to check for damage can lead to more costly repairs and compromise the safety and value of your home, which are both costly.

There might be the occasional difficulty with spot damage. This could happen if shingles are damaged or removed in a single area. A roof replacement or a full roof replacement can be determined based on our experts’ inspection of your home.

An experienced member of our team will inspect your home and determine if a full replacement is needed, and provide you with a free estimate on the work, explaining the complete process:

  • First, it involves removing the roof materials that are old and damaged.
  • In that case, our experts will restore your roof to its former glory with new roofing made of the highest quality materials on the market.
  • Upon completion of the work, we take great care to leave nothing behind…except your gorgeous new roof! We are sought after throughout the Greater Boston area because of our outstanding cleanup efforts.
  • If you are not satisfied with our work, we are not charged until you approve it, and we offer financing options as well.

Our crews know life does not stop when you need a new roof. Some of the jobs we handle are finished within a day or two. With speed, professionalism, and minimal disruption, we work quickly and professionally to minimize your inconvenience.

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Our company stands behind its work and guarantees a roofing job that is done right the first time. Our residential roofing styles help match your taste and budget with a quality roof that looks good and will last for years.


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