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Tenants seeking to buy or rent a home pay close attention to the property’s exterior features. If a property’s siding is visibly damaged, it will not make a pleasant first impression on prospective tenants.

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Existing tenants may be hesitant to renew their lease if siding damage has not been addressed or has worsened since they first moved into your house. Cracks, rotten boards, and holes in the siding may reduce the lifespan of your siding and building. Such damages can give rise to water-seeking and pest issues. There are many pests which are harmless but termites are one of the most dangerous and damage giving pests that can destroy your building internally. Mold and mildew growth will not only bring down the beauty of your siding but also damage it from within.

The cracks that get developed in the siding will allow water to seep through it and start damaging the walls and another siding also. Bent, cracked, damaged or unclipped sidings are more susceptible to high winds, hail, heavy rain, and other damages. In particular, high wind may knock several siding pieces which can give direct exposure to extreme weather.


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Water can seep into spaces underneath siding with just a single crack. The resulting water damage may impact any insulation under the surface of your property’s siding, and if vulnerabilities grow from constant water exposure every time it rains, it can eventually seep into interior walls.

Contractors with a licence ensure that the remodelling project complies with all local and international building codes. Our licensed contractors are skilled at expediting related paperwork, such as licences, which you would otherwise have to complete yourself. Our company has workers’ compensation and general liability benefits are on place to provide, they cover injuries and unintended property harm.

At Bedford Siding we provide complete repair services for siding. We will paint the siding that needs painting. Painted siding can improve the insulation and UV light reflection off your siding wall. There are many members in our team who know how to handle this problem. After all the repair is done your siding will look as new as it was.

Our siding contractors complete the project according to the terms of the contract, as well as any other conditions specified in the contract. We not only ensure that your new siding is installed on time. If you buy siding yourself you are entitled to material warranty if you purchased the siding material yourself, but it would most likely be restricted.

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 Our workmanship warranties, on the other hand, guarantee that, in the event of a workmanship-related issue, you can rest assured that it will be resolved at no cost or effort on your part.


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